New CD – Opera

New CD – Opera

During  the 20 years of its history the Russian orchestra “Silver Strings” have played many kinds of music, but the special place of the repertoire has always belonged to the masterpieces of opera.

There are overtures, arias, ensembles and choirs from many operas of different composers.
The bright and skillful arrangements of the orchestra’s chief  Alexander Afanasyev  and inimitable sound of Russian folk instruments gave new colours  to many famous opera pieces.
During its creative life the orchestra worked with many remarkable soloists in Russia and abroad.

Besides many choirs in Germany, Belgium and France singed  opera music with the orchestra.
In this CD you will find some live recordings from the concerts during 14 years (1999-2013).
The recordings of Verdi was made in October 2013 when the Holland Concert Choir (80 persons) came to St. Petersburg especially for the project “Verdi – opera highlights”.

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